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EasyMed Instruments Co., Ltd

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Product Information

  • Transport Package:carrying bag
  • Trademark:easymed
  • Country of Origin:China
  • Channel:Dual
  • Output:Max 33mA (peak value)
  • Loading:500 Ohm
  • Purse Width:50-350us adjustable
  • Pulse Rate:1Hz-110Hz
  • Wave Shapes:Symmetrical Biphasic Rectangular
  • Mode:4 modes
  • Power Supply:BL-6F Li-ion battery 3.7V 1100mAh
  • Treatment Time:Continuous,15,30,45,60,90mins


IFT delivers continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue. In addition to providing pain relief by the same mechanism that TENS uses, most physiotherapists consider that IFT’s major role is to accelerate the inflammatory or healing rate.

IFT is believed to work by stimulating parasympathetic nerve fibres to give increased blood flow and oedema reduction and by passing currents across cell membranes; these currents vary depending upon the tissue involved. By using particular frequencies in the range, different systems within the body can be stimulated or used to increase the blood supply, which in turn hastens the healing rate. IFT is used to treat almost any condition where inflammation is a problem. For example, sports injuries; arthritic conditions; bruising and swellings, back pain, osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular pain.

Many practitioners use a “Sweep” treatment which uses constantly changing interference pulse frequency. Practical clinical experience suggests therapeutic benefits for these sweeps in addition to those of conventional nerve stimulation.

Many users will be familiar with TENS, which delivers intermittent pulses to stimulate surface nerves and block the pain signal. Unlike TENS, Interferential Therapy delivers a continuous stimulation deep into the affected tissue.

IFT achieves this deep penetration by using a 4000Hz carrier wave to overcome the skin impedance. TENS signals travel around the top 1cm of the skin surface. IFT signals travel almost directly between the electrodes.

Interferential Therapy uses two medium frequency 4000Hz currents that ‘interfere’ with each other to produce a beat frequency that the body recognises as a low frequency energy source.

Content: 1 device, 2 wires, 1 lithium battery, 1 AC adaptor, 1 charging cradle, 1 user manual, 4 electrodes, 1 carrying bag. 

• Dual isolated channels 
• Vast LCD with operation information 
• Digital control panel design, easy-to-operate 
• 4 IFT modes available for selection 
• Pocket size with flip cover 
• Auto shut-off function 
• Treatment timer preset 
• High technical outlook design 
• High reliability 

• Backlit LCD screen for easy reading 

• Usage Memory

• Control Lock

• Rechargeable li-ion battery

• Unique locking lead connection and built-in cable tidy

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